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Sexton Mountain Library


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Program Goals

The biggest goal of the Sexton Mountain Library is to create lifelong readers. Students visit the library once every eight school days during their specials rotation. In addition, they can drop in during open library times every day. 

Another goal of our library is to teach book care and library skills. Students (not parents) are responsible for turning in books on time. If needed, students can renew their books until they're finished. 

In library, we learn about various authors and genres, giving students a chance to explore all different types of work. Our goal is to help find good-fit books that encourage reading. We also focus on themes like growth mindset and share books that provide both windows and doors into other children's experiences. We recognize how important it is for children to see themselves reflected in the books they read. 

Library Opportunities  

Typically, students are allowed to check out one book for their grade level. For example, first graders can choose one title, while fifth graders can choose up to five. There are times during the year when that quantity may go up (for example, if students are doing research).

Students in third through fifth grades have the opportunity to take part in Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB). This is a voluntary, state-wide reading program that allows students to read books across genres and compete on a team in a quiz-bowl format. Beyond literacy skills, students learn life-skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. 

In addition, students in upper-grades start to learn research skills, like finding reliable sources online. We use both the Destiny Library catalog and our online encyclopedias for research. 

For more information on the Sexton Mountain Library, contact our Librarian Crystal Wilson.