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PE at Sexton Mountain

Welcome to Eagles PE at Sexton Mountain Elementary with Mr. Miller and Mr. Blake! Our PE Program will help guide students on the road to enjoying a lifetime of health physical activity. While competition is fun for some students, it can be scary and intimidating for others. That's why the real winners are those students who come to the gym and work on their skills, try hard, get some exercise, and have fun doing it. Students should leave PE knowing what choice they can make in order to live a healthy life. We emphasize good sportsmanship, trying hard, teamwork and participation. 

Our Program Goals

Our overall goal in our PE program is to encourage students to enjoy physical activity, build confidence and develop habits that will keep them healthy throughout their lives. In other words, we focus on developing their Physical Literacy.

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy is the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person. It is the development of basic physical skills, playing well with others, and making good, healthy choices. By building their physical literacy, they will develop a large toolbox of skills which will give them confidence to try many activities, games and/or sports. Couple that with knowing how to make good choices about their health, students will live active, healthy lifestyles for years to come. 

Research has shown that being physically active later in life depends on an individual's ability to feel confidence in an activity setting. That confidence most often comes from having learned fundamental movement and sport skills, or physical literacy, as a child. 

PE teachers are just a part of the child's physical literacy team. It also includes parents, coaches, friends and more. We all play a big role in helping children build the skills and confidence to live active, healthy lifestyles.

For more information about the Sexton Mountain Elementary P.E. program, important P.E. dates, newsletters, pictures and videos, please visit the Sexton Mountain P.E. website