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Program Goals

Our goal is to have technology specials be meaningful. That looks different throughout the year depending on what students are working on in class, our character trait of the month, and any concept we have the privilege to introduce (Rube Goldberg machines, creating stop motion using Google Slides, etc.). 

Digital citizenship is an important concept we discuss throughout the year. We focus on being safe, respectful, and responsible while online. 

Another key component of technology is coding, allowing students to explore the language of programming. Each student at Sexton Mountain has a account. Coding is required on some rotations and is an option during most rotations. 

Keyboarding is a necessary career-ready skill. Third through fifth graders have a typing account. They are required to type for 10-15 minutes at the beginning of each technology class. 

Lower grades need to work on basic computer skills and concepts. There are several activities on StudentSource that allow them the time they need to practice. During their time on StudentSource they also get practice with other skills (colors, shapes, numbers, addition, etc.).  

Younger grades also work on sorting, puzzles, attention, following directions and more. 

If you have any questions about technology, contact Mary Kramer.